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  • Access the net anytime, anywhere with SA's finest mobile data deals and keep your unused data for 90 days.
  • Out of Bundle data rates don't apply. Just Top-Up your service when you run out.
  • Want to use our Mobile Data on your Existing MTN Contract SIM? Yes! Simply use the Existing MTN Sim Card option when signing up.


  • LTE-A is the future of fixed wireless connectivity! Aimed at providing affordable high-speed, reliable wireless Internet in areas that don't have DSL or Fibre coverage.
  • Super-Fast Speeds :Enjoy speeds between the range of 10 - 50Mbps* that's way faster than your average ADSL line. *Ideal network and coverage conditions.
  • Move It With You :Because your LTE-A device does not require a telephone line, you can move it from home-to-home, provided you are within an LTE-A covered area.